Mothers Day Wishes and Sayings: Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mothers Day Wishes and Sayings – The Cute sayings for Mothers Day is everyone looking nowadays. The reason is, the Mother’s Day is here and everyone wants to wish their mother. Well, the Mother’s Day is a WorldWide festival and everyone loves to celebrate this awesome event with their mother. That’s why, sharing these Happy Mothers Day Sayings and Wishes is the best way of celebrating this even with your mom. I can bet that you’ll enjoy very much after sharing these Mothers Day wishes and Saying with your mother or even on Social Media websites. You can make your relation more sweeter with these sayings.

If you are interested in sharing these Happy Mothers Day Sayings 2017 and also the Mother’s Day Wishes 2017 with your lovely mother, then you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll find tons of different and lovely mothers day sayings, that’ll make you and your mother happy. So, lets check out these Best Mothers Day Wishes and Sayings 2017 and share these with your mom. You can also use these wishes for mothers day whatsapp status.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes and Sayings


Happy Mother’s Day 2017 Dear Mom/ Mother. This Mother’s Day I hope that each step you take is guided me the dedications of God.

Happy Mother’s Day to my dearest Mom/ Mother, wish you this Mother’s Day will Bring more happiness, joy, and fun.

Ι hope that your Mother’s Day would be Entertaining. May the spirit of this Mother’s Day Blend sweetness in your life that stays forever and ever! Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, oh my sweet mom, hope When you read this message You will remember to buy a Mother’s Day gift for me Happy Mother’s Day.

May you stay as cool as you are this Mother’s Day onwards. This Mother’s Day, I want to let you know how thankful I am for having you as my Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

You are my first love and you are my world. Each passing year, we may be growing old. Just wanted to tell you no matter how old we get, I would like to spend each and every year of my life with your Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom!!

A Mom like you is the sweetest gift, That God has ever given me.You are the best among the rest. I love you, Mom…!!

May your life be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer!! Wishing You Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Best Mothers Day Sayings 2017


May you have a healthy year full of blessings. Happy Mother’s Day to you Mother!!

My life without you is like walking in a dark tunnel but because of your light, I know that I can make it through that’s why saying thank You will never be enough to thank you for everything you do. Wish You Happy Mother’s Day my lovely Mom!!

My dear Mom, I especially pray on the starting of Mother’s Day that may god protect you from every disease.May you live long with us. Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Dreams, which I thought were impossible to achieve, have now come true and it’s all because of the teachings and values that you instilled in me in these years. Make this year more beautiful with your support. Wish You Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

A Mom like you is the sweetest gift That God has ever given me. I thank Him for sending an angel who is always beside me. You are the best among the rest. I love your Mom. Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Each passing year, we may be growing old. Just wanted to tell you no matter how old we get, I would like to spend each and every year of my life with you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day 2017

I will never be able to repay you back for the pains you took throughout these years to make me the person I am today. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

Dreams, which I thought were impossible to achieve, have now come true and it is all because of the teachings. Happy Mother’s Day 2017 Mom.

Cute Mothers Day Wishes and Sayings


The warmth of your embrace the picture of your smile the tenderness of your love I always feel safe and sound every time you are around you’re the best Mom. Happy Mother’s Day 2017

I may not have ever express in the years gone by as to how much love I hold in my hearts for you but I would like to grab every possible moment of 2017 to express my regard and love for you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

You are the brave than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and love you more than know. Happy Mother’s Day 2017 Mom!

Mom what I am today just because of you. You are the one who show me the world and allow me to see.

Wishing You a Year Filled With Great Joy Peace and Prosperity Have a Wonderful Year Ahead. Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Wish you very Happy Mother’s Day my dear Mom.

Summing it Up!

The Mothers Day is undoubtedly one of the festivals that is celebrated without the boundaries of Religion. The Mother’s Day 2017 is here are we should celebrate it by wishing our mother a Very Happy Mothers Day by sharing these Mother’s Day Wishes and Sayings 2017. Get more mothers day quotes and wishes 2017 and amazing content related to mother’s day.

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